10 Tricks To Make Android Phone FASTER !!!

To more than one it has happened to him that his cell phone seems not to work, that it stops and that it no longer runs the same. Here we present the best alternatives to make your Android Phone Faster as if it were new.

Do you feel that your cell phone is getting slower and slower? Do not you know why? Follow these 10 tips and you will see how your Android Phone Faster and same as new again.

How To Make Your Android Device Faster – 10 Simple Tricks

How To Make Android Smart Phone Faster
How To Make Android Smart Phone Faster

1. Uninstall Pre-Installed apps that you do not use:

When you buy a new cell phone, you can be surprised that you have 5 or 6 games installed. And not only that, several programs that you will never use and end up taking up valuable space.

To uninstall them go to Settings → Application Manager. Then go to the Downloaded tabs . You can see the entire list of apps downloaded from the Google PlayStore and select the useless apps.

Pre-Installed App To Make Android Phone Faster
Pre-Installed App To Make Android Phone Faster

2. Transfer apps to the micro SD memory:

When buying a smartphone, it is important to know how much memory can be expanded through a microSD . If you are to have many apps or take many photos, 16 gigas is the most recommended.

Several apps usually have a weight of 15 or 20 mbs and then increase its size. This is the case of Facebook that can weigh 200 to 400 mbs for the photos and the cache and it’s really help to make Android Phone Faster.

To move your apps to the microSD go to Settings → Application Manager. Then go to the Downloaded tabs . Select the heaviest app and choose Move to Tarteja SD and that’s it. You can also download AppMgr III in PlayStore.

3. Clear the cache:

Applications usually save data when they are installed. In the long run they affect your team’s memory. To clear cache manually go to Settings → Application Manager. Then go to the Downloaded tabs . Select any app, go to the Cache section and select Clear Cache.

You can use apps like the Clean Master or the CCleaner to erase the accumulated data. Both applications are free and serve to optimize the system.

4. Remove the widgets to make Android Phone Faster:

Widgets are a way to quickly access information such as time, weather, traffic status, among others. But if you do not have a high-end smartphone, you will end up consuming a lot of memory and slowing down your computer.

To remove a widget such as a weather, select it and then drag it. A trash can appears at the bottom that says Delete . Drag it to the bin and you’re done.

5. Keep your system updated:

Always has the latest operating system suitable for your smartphone. Firmware updates is very important as it allows to correct errors of previous versions of our system.

Go back to Settings → About the device → Software update → Update . It is VITAL that you select the WiFi Only option. The updates usually weigh more than 100 mbs and will end without a data plan if you do not choose this option.

You can also choose the automatic update. The device will search in the background for the latest news for your system.

6. Control the Android startup apps:

Many apps that we install continue running when we believe they are closed. This means that the apps are running in the background. A good app that saves you this headache is the Advance Task Killer . Within your options will tell you what is working without you knowing and how it affects the speed of your smartphone.

7. Close the apps to free RAM:

Multitasking or multitasking is very good to jump between applications. The bad thing is that we let these run in the background and consuming RAM. Depending on the smartphone you have, there is a button that gives you the option to close all at once.

This works very well with low-end cell phones. The mid / high end end up consuming more memory closing processes than keeping them open.

8. Reduce the accounts you have synchronized:

Applications like Facebook or Gmail keep photos, emails and videos on our device that end up consuming the team’s space.

To see what accounts you have synchronized, go to Settings → Accounts. Select the frequency of the synchronization of your accounts, if you want all the galleries (not recommended in the case of Facebook) and emails. It also helps that the synchronizations are made via WiFi to not consume the data plan.

9. Use a still image for wallpaper and screensaver:

The animated backgrounds can be very colorful but consume unnecessary memory and battery. It is advisable to change to a still image as a photo and avoid gifs or animations.

10. Factory restoration:

It should be the last option and when we have a backup of our most precious files. This option should be taken into account when the smartphone acts in a weird way, it restarts and the battery does not last at all.

Go to Settings → Backup → Factory data reset . Make sure you have the whole battery charged. The device will shut down and the restoration process will begin. This option is useful if you want to sell or give away your smartphone.

There are many options, especially if you have developer permission to modify the ROM. Do not place these options since you must be very good at avoiding errors on your device. In addition, if your cell phone is within the factory warranty, when you root it you lose all rights to claim or customer service.

I hope these options help with the speed of your devices. Comment, what other tips would you like to improve your smartphones and help to make your Android Phone Faster?

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