How The WhatsApp Black Circle Works ?

Viral WhatsApp Black Circle Viral at incredible speed. It is not the first time we see a chain of messages like that, but it is interesting to know the mechanism behind the black circle of WhatsApp , the joke message that has been viral and blocks our phone when we touch it. We will explain how it works and why there is nothing to worry about.

The concrete message reads as follows:

“If you touch the black circle, WhatsApp will get stuck in. Do not touch here.”

What is happening? Basically if we press the black circle the WhatsApp application will hang up and we will not be able to continue using it for a while. The solution is as simple as closing WhatsApp or changing the application. In fact, going back to WhatsApp will work again.

WhatsApp Black Circle
WhatsApp Black Circle

What is the WhatsApp Black Circle

But the interesting thing is to know why this trap message works. Basically the trick is that in the text ‘Do not touch here’ hide thousands of hidden characters that WhatsApp can not process and then hang up. These characters only activated when we press, so if we do not do anything with the message, nothing happen.

The WhatsApp Black Circle reminds us of the chain of 4000 emojis that blocked the application . The mechanism applications not prepared to handle so much information at once. In fact, the black circle also works on Telegram or Instagram , but not on iOS.

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How to see the hidden characters of WhatsApp Black Circle

If we want to see the hidden characters that are hidden behind the message, what we should do open the conversation with a plain text editor. To do this, the easiest thing is to go to the three points of conversation settings, click on more, then on ‘Send chat by email’ and once you have received the text, open it with the Chrome browser . There we can see the conversation and the real characters of the message ‘Do not touch here’.

Fortunately, it is not a virus, so we must be calm . It is just another chain to spend jokes and an example that Facebook still has work ahead if you want to end SPAM and chains.

If you receive the message, you can touch it knowing that you will hang the application at the time of doing so. A small joke that allows us to know what text messages are more complex than what can seen at a glance.

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